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If you’re passionate about providing the very best care, we think there’s nowhere better to work than The us. Working as a Professional hourly Carer on a guaranteed hours contract you’ll make a genuine difference to the lives of the people you support. You’ll provide hourly care and companionship at a time when people need it the most and all in the comfort of their own home for short periods of time. This isn’t just work. It’s life changing work.

Please be advised that all job applications must be submitted online . To complete the application process, kindly access the Application Form at the link below and submit it to


Reports to: Registered manager or supervisor

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code – 6145


Purpose of role

 The role of the care worker is to deliver front-line care support services to the company’s service users. To support customers with all aspects of their day to day living, so they can enjoy the best possible quality of life. You will mostly work alone with the customer in their home. Providing care and support offers many rewards but can also be challenging. Compassion, good communication skills and a calm and caring manner are essential for this important role in our company.

It is  expected  that  the  care  worker  will  fulfil  their  responsibilities  in accordance  with the company’s policies and procedures and service aims.

Key responsibilities

 To provide safe, reliable, compassionate care and support to meet the individual needs and wishes of each customer. Each person is unique. You must respect each customers’ choice about how their care and support is given and promote their dignity at all times.

You may be the only person the customer sees over a period of time; it is therefore essential to report any changes or causes for concern to your line manager promptly. You need to be clear about when to seek help and advice in order to keep customers safe and promote their well- being.

Typical Duties

Care and support

 Give non-discriminatory care and support that values the whole person rather than merely seeing a list of care needs. Carefully listen and observe how each customer prefers their  care and support to be delivered on a day-to-day basis. Help them make their own decisions so they can be as independent as possible.

Follow the instructions in the care and support plan agreed with each customer. This may include:

  • All aspects of personal care such as showering and bathing, dressing and grooming, dental hygiene, toileting and continence
  • Assisting with medicines, ordering and collecting prescriptions or returning unwanted medicines to the pharmacy for safe
  • Supporting the customer to eat and drink well. For example, helping the customer to plan what to eat and drink, giving gentle encouragement, shopping, preparing and serving food and drinks, clearing the table, washing up and keeping the kitchen area clean and tidy, agreeing with the customer how to store food safely and when to dispose of out-of-date
  • Safely using aids and personal equipment in a manner that respects the dignity of customers. For example, walking frames, wheelchairs, manual and electric hoists, sliding sheets and moving boards, hearing aids and other physical aids. Personal care may be delivered at any time of the night or
  • Housework such as dusting, tidying, washing floors, vacuuming and sweeping, doing the laundry and ironing, making beds and changing the
  • Social and physical activities or mental stimulation such as keeping in touch with friends/relatives, taking a customer out shopping or to social activities, hobbies such as reading, photo albums, games,
  • Supporting a customer through temporary and terminal illness, including end of life care, hospital appointments, liaising with community health support and

Record and report all relevant customer information 

  • The care and support that you provide and assistance with medicines
  • Changes to a customer’s condition or other concerns e.g., faulty equipment or hazards in the home
  • Response to emergencies, accidents, incidents and safeguarding matters
  • Contact with families or carers and other professionals
  • Other matters as required by Companies Care procedures
  • Keep all information about customers and their families secure and confidential

Working Night Policy 

  • All staff are required to remain awake at all times, so that they are able to provide the necessary
  • Sleeping while on duty, including designated breaks is considered to be an act of gross misconduct, which may lead to
  • Sleeping on duty is considered to be causing risk of harm to vulnerable adults and as such, those dismissed for sleeping on duty may be referred to the Secretary of State for consideration to be placed on the Protection of Vulnerable Adult List, or the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act (Legislation pending).

Judgement Skills

  • Duty to whistle blow if witness bad practice or harm to a customer
  • To avoid, notice and respond to any Health and Safety risks and reporting any accidents relating to staff and/or customer as per
  • To ensure that company policy on confidentiality is upheld at all
  • To manage poor performance under the guidance of the home manager


Health & Safety at Work

Under Health and Safety legislation each individual has a legal responsibility for their own welfare and for the health and safety of others. Because you will be working in our customers private homes it is particularly important that you do not take any risks to put either yourself or the client in a potentially harmful situation. Any queries you may have relating to health and safety matters should be raised in the first instance with the Registered Manager.

Equal Opportunities

The company provides equal opportunities and is committed to the principle of equality  regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion or affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age or disability. The company will apply policies that are fair, equitable and consistent with skills and abilities. You have a duty to support us in implementing these policies to ensure equality of opportunity.


Your wage is £11.05 per hour payable monthly by credit transfer or cheque as detailed on your pay statement.

Person Specification / Qualifications

 Applicants’ suitability for the position will be assessed according to their ability to meet the following requirements in terms of key competencies, personal attributes, experience and qualifications:

Key Competency Essential Desirable
Understanding of principles of good care  
Able to understand and follow written and verbal instructions  
Understanding of and commitment to equality  
Good interpersonal skills  
Sufficiently literate in spoken English to communicate effectively with service users.  
Sufficiently competent in written English to maintain legible and accurate service records.  
Able to speak or write minority languages  
Sufficiently numerate to effectively manage financial records and transactions.  


Personal Attributes Essential Desirable
A genuine concern for the welfare of others  
Kind, compassionate and gentle  
Even-tempered and patient  
Empathy and the ability to listen and empower others  
Conscientious and hard-working  
Honest and trustworthy  
Dependable, reliable, and punctual  
Flexible and responsive  
Able to work effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team  
Able to respond appropriately to the unexpected  
Committed to making a positive difference to people’s Lives  
Committed to continued personal and professional

development, including obtaining relevant professional qualifications



Experience Essential Desirable
Personal experience of delivering care support services  


Qualifications/Licences Essential Desirable
A-levels (or equivalent)  
Professional training  
Full driving licence  

All care workers will be subject to an enhanced level DBS Disclosure.

Resources Allotment

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